Economic Significance of the Business Events Industry within the Colombian Economy

Definitions: Kind of meeting

Corporate or business meeting: Business meeting normally sponsored by a corporation, in which the participants represent the same company, corporate group, or customer-supplier relationships. Meeting of employees or representatives of a commercial organization. Generally, the attendance is mandatory and travel, accommodation and most of the food expenses are paid by the organization.

Convention: A general and formal meeting of a legislative, social or economic body, in order to give information, deliberate or establish consensus or policies on the part of the participants. In the United States, the term is used to describe large meetings, usually at the national level, of business groups, for discussion and/or commercial exposure. An event where the main activity of the participants is to attend the educational sessions, participate in discussions, socialize or attend other organized events. It may also contain a secondary component of exposure.

Association Congress:: The regular meeting of large groups of individuals, usually to exchange views on a particular topic. A congress will often last several days and will have several simultaneous sessions. The time between congresses is usually established before the implementation stage and can be multi-year or annual. Most of the international or world congresses are of the former type.

Seminar: Presentation and dialogue that allows participants to share experiences on a particular topic, under the guidance of an expert leader. A meeting or series of meetings of 10 to 50 specialists with different specific skills but a specific common interest that meets for training or learning purposes. The work schedule of a seminar has a particular objective of enriching the skills of the participants..

Trade show/business exhibition: An exhibition of products and/or services for members of a common industry. The main activity of the attendees is to visit the exhibition area. These events focus mainly on business relationships, but part of the event may be open to the general public. Display of products or promotional materials for the purpose of public relations, sales and/or marketing.

Incentive program: An award event or incentive trip, focused on recognizing people who achieved or exceeded sales or production objectives. For the purpose of the survey, incentive events refer to the meeting portion of an incentive program.

Other types of meetings: A meeting not described by the types of Meeting described above, but which meets the criteria in terms of duration (4 hours or more), number of people (10 or more) and location (site hired).